BBC Four and BBC One Wales, 3 x 60 mins, 2018

In this three-part series, writer and adventurer Will Millard discovers the hidden history of Wales by exploring forgotten, secret and usually inaccessible locations that show the country as you’ve never seen it before.

On an intriguing, exhilarating and sometimes dangerous journey, the series offers unprecedented access to places you rarely get to see. Starting in the north and working his way south, over three episodes Will reveals natural wonders hidden beneath the landscape, abandoned buildings that tell us from where Wales has come and modern marvels of engineering that show what the country might become.

Will’s discoveries include the biggest abandoned slate mine in the world, a forgotten mansion concealed in a wood, a decommissioned nuclear power station, a Victorian invention lying at the bottom of the sea, an abandoned sea fort, a derelict mental asylum, the final resting place of early man, a lost mediaeval city and a forgotten prisoner of war camp. It could be our last chance to see some of the Welsh history that is vanishing right in front of us.

“Hidden Wales is a reminder of how good these travelogues can be when done well.” Four Stars, The Daily Mail.

Critic’s Choice, The i – What to Watch, The Times – The Choice, The Daily Mirror – Watch This, The Guardian – Best of the Week and Last Night’s TV (4 stars), The Daily Mail – What to Watch, The Daily Telegraph.

Co-production with Folk Films
Series produced and directed by James Hale 
Edited by Dylan Goch   
Exec-produced by Steve Robinson